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The super producers of Hypnotize Minds have done it again. Fresh off the success of Choices I and Choices II, DJ Paul and Juicy J bring you their first comedy. The Clean Up Men is a tale of two brothers Reggie (Shawty "What My Name Is") and Keith (Roland Powell) who find themselves in the middle of an organized car theft ring run by the notorious Lionel (Miguel Nunez Jr.) After losing Lionel's money to save their uncle's dry cleaners, the brothers find themselves in trouble. The only way to save themselves is to work off the debt for Lionel or try to set him up with the police (Juicy J and Katalina Parrish.) With appearances by DJ Paul and Frayser Boy of Hypnotize Minds, this movie is a must see.

Hypnotize Minds, which includes Juicy J and DJ Paul from the southern rap supergroup Three 6 Mafia, have produced their first-ever comedy with CLEAN UP MEN. Brothers Reggie (Shawty "What My Name Is") and Keith (Roland Powell) make the mistake of getting involved with car thief Lionel (Miguel Nunez Jr.). Although they are on an altruistic mission to save their uncle's dry-cleaning business, when they lose all Lionel's money, he doesn't care what their motives were. Now they must either work off the debt to Lionel--an unpleasant prospect, to say the least--or somehow make the cops (Juicy J and Katalina Parrish) wise to his crime ring, without having Lionel get wise to them. DJ Paul and Frayser Boy also put in appearances.


Label Hypnotize Minds
Release Date 10/25/2005
Runtime 50 Minutes

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